The dance of a recycled glass drop

My friends... imagine a hot glass drop, blown by a talented artistic breath, fluid, ready for any shape it could take, ready to move, ready to dance. Imagine the music during the process while you became, with no expectations, fluid like that glass. Can you do it for yourself? Visit the Vetromaghie glass furnace and forget about classical Murano blowing. It is another experience, not for usual tourist and at the same time a must do for everybody. When you visit Nadia at work you not only learn about glass blowing, but you get to know her relaxed re-cyclical life-style If you want to talk about a hot green passion, that’s it! After working glass you’ll probably end up collecting some wild plants to make a meal. Then sitting together at a table, chatting and playing music. Nadia usually calls for dinner playing the glass bells she made in Scotland. You leave that place at sunset, thinking that somehow you ‘ve entered your own personal path to fluidity.
She uses only recycled glass, and she works with classical tools and wet recycled paper. Let’s say: old manners, new style. Every object has a very organic shape, to remind you of nature, bringing you far from industrial molds or hi-tech design. She has different courses, for adults, kids and disable people and she can teach in English too. Beside glass blowing you could learn about medicinal plants, and recycling in general. Next time you visit Rome plan a visit to this country side just half an hour north of Rome. Look at their web site, www.vetromaghie.com and get in touch with Nadia to plan a good time. She also consider application for volunteering and apprentices. Worthy of note: it is the only Italian furnace directed by a woman and the only furnace in our continent to use only recycled glass.

Anything green...

I started this blog to talk about anything green coming up to my mind.
In english to comunicate to more people.
Forgive my mystake or forgive me not.
The important is to communicate.
Understood? Don't get stock on language barriers. If you speak italian you read my other blog.
Passion, communication, sea of conceptual meetings.
Be sailor from your island to the rest of the shores.
If you don't like it here there are so many blogs around the web to visit.
If you want to help..translate it!


Where are our frogs?

Not so many frogs left around. Pollution or evolution of species the matter is "where are our frogs?". Forget the golden toad of Costa Rica, we should be aware that even the simple green Hyla arborea is hard to find. You don't care? Too bad. I do. And I do for many other things. Put a frog in front of fresh water and it will jump in, in front of boiling water and it will go opposite direction, leave it swimming in fresh water and make the water warmer and warmer...she will die in it without being aware. That's happening to us. Frogs are fading away like our words. Like human rights. Like trees. Like true happiness. Frogs were powerful "tools" to get closer to nature and gods. They are leaving. Like so many other things. Wake up. It's not too late.