Morning and naked feet

Waking up before anybody else gives me time to feel my naked feet on the ground and listen to nature sounds. It gives me time to connect to myself. This morning it's misty, it means it will be a nice sunny day later on. I wish any woman on this earth could have her morning moment to reconnect to mother earth and herself. It's so good to you.
We should never forget our inner connection and our duties as mother earth ourselves.
When the rest is silent, when every day life noises are not yet awake, we should say hi to the new day, feel our naked feet very well grounded, like roots, and our arms open to the sky and to the morning energy. We should gift our face of a big simple smile, and be grateful for being alive, simply grateful. Then the day can start. This simple gesture, these few minutes, could last as a all day long
We should go back there to our grounding and to that morning during the day when something or somebody is stressing us. We should walk fast away from any feeling of anger and reconnect to our roots.
It would be a good start, not a all yoga session or meditation, not a 15 minutes weight loss exercise. Just gift yourself with a simple moment of grounding, a morning smile and feelings of gratitude.Then later you will be able to find time for the rest.
Connect to the woods even if you are in the middle of a city, close your eyes, smile and feel the ground with your naked feet.
Anyway this morning before, during and after my simple happy moment I had Puccini in my head, "O mio babbino caro".Sometime I feel I have my personal life soundtrack..without plugging anything into my ears!


Like a reflection of light

Jelly Fish , 2000
Ilaria Sadun
Recycled glass

Come una medusa
che si muove lenta con le correnti
o come un riflesso di luce che ci è parso di vedere
lo immagino in aria sospeso nel buio
con una candela ad illuminarlo di lato
o con la luce della luna piena..
e la brezza notturna che la muove

Like a Jelly Fish
slowly moving with the flow
like a reflection of light
we thought to see in the dark
With a side candle ray
or with the full moon light
and the night breeze moving it

This is what I wrote about 3 years ago...year 2007.
Suddenly one evening with open window on the country skyline,reading a book,I remember when I was a toddler and I was dreaming about what to do once grown up. I I would just try and I could make it. If it would be just smooth.
A flash on a black and white TV , a reporter from who know where, tall , moustaches, he was saying interesting things. So I decided and told everybody I wanted to be a journalist in a funny italian (it sounded more like I wanted just to sell newspaper but I really wanted to travel and be a reporter).
Now everybody is able to do everything, everybody has the opportunity. Ten years ago (1997) I thought I was the only one to make art with recycled glass in Italy and maybe I was. Now we are a lot.
So for once now I do what everybody does, I do not go against the flow! I want to blog.
I will write what I think, my perspective on this world or just what I see around the corner, andmost of all what I think of ecology.
Se una sera di primavera a finestre aperte sulla campagna,leggendo un libro, mi ricordassi all'improvviso di quello che volevo fare da piccola.... e se ci provassi e magari tutto va liscio?... in fondo non ho niente da perdere. Il tempo per seguire i propri sogni non è mai perso.
Flash su immagini in bianco e nero alla televisione, un reporter parla, io avevo imparato a parlare da poco ed ho chiesto che cosa faceva quel tipo. Mi sembrava interessante quello che diceva. Mi hanno spiegato e da quel giorno per un po ho detto a tutti quelli che chiedevano "cosa vuoi fare da grande?": La giornalaia!
Si ora tutti fanno tutto. Io pensavo di essere l'unica a fare arte con il vetro riciclato in Italia.. dieci anni fa, e ora giustamente siamo in tanti. E così adesso ci provo io a fare quello che fanno tutti, per un attimo o di più non vado controcorrente.Vado con un blog. E scrivo quello che penso, il mio modo di vedere il mondo o giusto quello che vedo dietro casa mia, e soprattutto quello che penso di ecologia...

I guess it's time to do it for real!